Moving Docs 2014

SDI Productions

Audience Development



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Creative Europe



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Audience Development

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19 Dec 2013

Application deadline

28 Mar 2014

Result publication date

1 Jul 2014

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EDN - European Documentary Network (DK)


Against Gravity (PL);

Anemon Astiki Mi Kerdoskopiki Etaireia (EL);

Apordoc – Associação pelo Documentário (PT);

Associazione Doc/it (IT);

Föreningen Doc Lounge (SE);

Planeta Med (ES);

SDI Productions (UK);

The objective of Moving Docs is to engage urban and rural audiences across Europe through regular and simultaneous screenings of the best European and international documentary films.  This is achieved through the joint action of eight innovative and pioneering initiatives operating in Cyprus, Greece, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Scotland, Spain, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland, in conjunction with the expertise and leadership of the European Documentary Network (EDN).

The initiative is structured around ‘European Screening Days’, unique media moments which connect diverse European audiences.  These screening days consist of the simultaneous European screenings of documentaries that have already premiered at important festivals or received significant awards.  Taking place in multiple locations and on multiple platforms across Europe, they engage audiences through issues relevant to contemporary life, communicated through theme-led European campaigns. Special attention is given to films that promote inter-cultural understanding, sustainable living and human rights. 

Moving Docs helps to create the marketing tools needed to reach a European audience of over 7 million:

  • it develops a common online and viral marketing strategy for the selected films
  • it secures the multi-territory licensing of rights
  • it enables partners to share knowledge and compare experiences and ideas, enhancing the ability of the partnership to concentrate on unified digital marketing strategies, and to target a growing and changing audience on local, national and European levels.

The UK branch of Moving Docs is hosted by the Scottish Documentary Institute.

Rebecca Day, Production and Outreach Manager at the Scottish Documentary Institute, said:

"Moving Docs is a very special initiative that enables us to further promote creative documentary in Scotland while remaining connected to the rest of Europe. We have access to bold storytelling from a diverse mix of filmmakers. By creating unique screening campaigns around each film, we are ensuring that new audiences are getting to see documentaries in unique circumstances and collectively with European audiences."

Look at our 2014-15 Results Report for a comprehensive overview of Creative Europe's support to projects that aim to increase audience knowledge of and interest in European audiovisual works.

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