Moving Beyond Inclusion

Candoco Dance Company

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Creative Europe



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EACEA 29/2015

Project date

1 Jul 2016 - 28 Jun 2017

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Lead organisation

Candoco Dance Company, UK


The Croatian Institute for Movement and Dance, Croatia

Associazione Incontri Internazionali Di Rovereto Oriente Occidente Teatro Danza Musica, Italy

Tanzfähig Wohlfarter Richarz, Germany

Producentbyran Goteborg Ekonomisk Forening, Sweden

Moving Beyond Inclusion is a two-year project to develop skills, expertise and audiences for the professional inclusive sector of disabled and non-disabled dance artists. At the heart of this project is the fundamental belief that working inclusively produces more exciting, more excellent artistic work for audiences.

The partnership is formed of the leaders in innovative professional inclusive practice. As organisations working in the mainstream dance world, the partners have demonstrated and been recognised for the importance and quality of inclusive practice. However, opportunities for disabled artists to develop their work and for diverse artists to work together remain limited. There is a lack of training, employment and understanding of inclusive practice within the mainstream sector, which is restricting the potential growth and health of the cultural arena as audiences dwindle and the arts are increasingly perceived as rarefied and limited.

With the aim to firmly address these issues, Moving Beyond Inclusion provides a groundbreaking continuum from professional training to performance to audiences, ensuring that positive change can be sustained through the showcasing of and opening-up of discussion around the best of inclusive practice.

Working across the UK, Croatia, Germany, Italy, Sweden and Switzerland, this project will deliver four core strands of work:  

  1. Skills development for creative individuals and administrative teams
  2. The creation of excellent new work for international performance
  3. Comprehensive consideration of building audiences
  4. Series of symposia to support a change in perceptions around dance, disability and quality.

The overall project outcomes include: innovation in audience development to communicate more widely the thrill of inclusive work, increased employment, training and mobility for disabled artists, and increased capacity of dance organisations to disseminate inclusive work.

Image: Pedro Machado

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