MAPPING - A Map on the aesthetics of performing arts for early years

Polka Childrens Theatre Limited, England

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Funding scheme

Creative Europe

Call number

EACEA 34/2018

Project date

1 Dec 2018 - 30 Nov 2022

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Lead organisation

La Baracca Societa Cooperativa Sociale Onlus, Italy


Helios 6 Live Art Produktion Ev, Germany

Teatrul Ion Creanga, Romania

Kolibri Gyermek-Es Ifjusagi Szinhaz Kiemelkedoen Kozhasznu Nonprofit Kft, Hungary

Theatre De La Guimbarde, Belgium

Commune De Limoges, France

Artika Astiki Etaireia Politistiki Mi Kerdoskopiki, Greece

Teaterwaerkstedet Madam Bach, Denmark

Teatro Paraíso Sal, Spain

Polka Childrens Theatre Limited, England

Toihaus Theater, Austria

Teater Tre Stockholm Ekonomisk Förening, Sweden

Stichting De Stilte, Netherlands

Fiere Internazionali Di Bologna Spa, Italy,

Teatr Animacji W Poznaniu, Poland

Baboro Galway International Children's Festival Limited, Ireland

Kuukulkurit Ry, Finland

Lutkovno Gledalisce Ljubljana, Slovenia

MAPPING aims to create a map of the aesthetic of performing arts for early years (PAfEY) - children from 0 to 6 years of age - through a common field research shared by 18 partners of 17 countries.

This research will create a map, useful for improving the quality of artistic production and research. Not a manifesto on the how-to’s of PAfEY, but a map focused on the relationship that artists establish with very young children through performing arts.

The project is centred on Artistic quality and on the quality of the relationship with early years participants, and it will be based on the following activities:
• Fieldwork guided by ITYARN researchers (International Theatre for Young Audience Research Network), involving at least 3 artists of each producing partner and leading to the creation of the Map
• 19 festivals of PAfEY in 14 different cities over the 4 years
• A co-production project resulting in 16 different productions, created thanks to a shared productive process developed over the first two years, and that will be touring in the festivals starting from 2021
• A Final Event (Spring 2022), hosting all the shows produced and a Common Performance
• The Map illustrated, an Exhibition presented first at Bologna Children’s Book Fair in 2022 and then in tour, and a book containing the illustrations of The Map by international artists
• Follow-up meetings, seminars about direction and dramaturgy in performing arts for early years
• A new audience, action research process on audience development
• The books: The Map, Research book (a collection of articles on the research), a Handbook about the research on Audience Development, the Diary of the experience and the Follow-up paper

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