JR Circus

The Seachange Trust

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Total project grant (euros)




Funding scheme

Creative Europe

Call number

EACEA 34/2018

Project date

1 Nov 2014 - 30 Jun 2016

Number of partners in project


Lead organisation

Circo E Dintorni Associazione Culturale, Italy


Accademia D'arte Circense, Italy

The Seachange Trust, England

European Circus Association, Netherlands

Fundatia Parada, Romania

JR Circus project aims at promoting a definite model of cultural cooperation, wide and inclusive, that fosters the classical and contemporary circus art as a powerful vehicle of active citizenship and social transformation in all over the EU countries. Through a detailed program of activities and initiatives, including workshops and interaction with local communities, it encourages a common space of dialogue that looks toward integration of practices rather than homologation. The researches of common aspects together with the valorisation of cultural differences are significant aspects of this project. 

JR Circus moves on two parallel directions. On one side, it promotes the circus language as a means of development and active citizenship by enhancing the transnational mobility  of creative professionals and young artists through an extended stay where is fostered the artistic co-creation of a circus opera, based on one of the greatest masterpiece of all time, Romeo and Juliet, to be toured between different countries.

JR stands for Juliet and Romeo and suggests meanwhile the word Junior, as the main actors involved are young artists between 16 and 22 years old coming from different EU countries. On the other side, it promotes the EU integration and intercultural dialogue through the issues it point out and the universal language of acrobatics that is used.

At the 450th anniversary of Shakespeare’s birth, Romeo and Juliet is still a universal story. Romeo and Juliet are two acrobats that struggle between love and hate. As hanging from a trapeze, they tend their hands toward each other to avoid the barriers imposed by the world. The story itself will become a training opportunity on the fundamental values of human rights, equality and justice for the European youth population. Romeo and Juliet make up the essence of the rationally meaningless cultural conflict. 

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