Jazz Connective

Performances Birmingham Limited AND New Vortex Jazz Club Limited

Cooperation Projects



Total project grant (euros)




Funding scheme

Creative Europe

Call number

EACEA 34/2018

Project date

1 Jun 2018 - 31 May 2020

Number of partners in project


Lead organisation

Rassemblement D Energies Pour La Sauvegarde D Un Espace Artistique Utopique, France


New Vortex Jazz Club Limited, England

Druga Godba Zavod Za Organizacijo In Izvedbo Kulturnih Prireditev, Slovenia

Performances Birmingham Limited, England

Fundacja Wytwornia, Poland

Charles Gil, Finland

Improvised Music Company Lbg, Ireland

JaCo is the result of a close observation of today's context and issues in the field of innovative music.

A successful Erasmus+ project led by RESEAU showed that European artists face many struggles to access professional opportunities: a lack of promotion, difficulties to define their careers in today's economy and most of all, the decrease of an aging audience.
We believe that most cultural and creative players (such as artistic directors, artists and specialized journalists) encounter similar issues, and need occasions to share best practices with each other through cooperation. RESEAU being extremely active in the promotion of French and European jazz music scenes, we decided to engage in actions to deal with the evolution of contemporary jazz with the help of European partners, through two axes:

1- European artists, journalists and producers will get together during 7 “Highlights” in the 7 partners' cities to share experiences and find innovative solutions to increase audiences. The participants will take part in workshops, job shadowing, “go and see” actions, and artists will have the opportunity to engage in artistic residencies. The seminar and workshops results will be shared during professional events organized in the host cities in parallel to the “Highlights”.
2- Based on these results, a practical approach to attract new audiences will be set up. A cycle of concerts will be organized in the 7 host cities, allowing artists to share their residencies' creations, producers to try new methods and journalists to write new content. This intellectual content, along with the 1rst axis results will be showcased on a European blog : Jazz Connective. It will be translated in English and all the partners’ languages, thus bringing new perspectives, disseminating ideas, and allowing Europeans to connect around jazz music on a long-term scale.

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