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1 Oct 2014 - 1 Oct 2016

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Stichting Its Festival, Netherlands;

Associazione Culturale Area06, Italy;

Fabrica De Movimentos Associacao Cultural, Portugal;

Javna Ustanova Mes-Medjunarodni Teatarski Festival, Bosnia and Herzegovina;

Teatrako Teatro Elkartea, Spain;

Akademia Teatralna Im. Aleksandra Zelwerowicza W Warszawie, Poland

One of the biggest current challenges of Europe is the increasing youth unemployment rates. Among young artists, these rates can be even higher. At the same time, these new talents are the ones who are able to offer creative and innovative perspectives on economy, society and culture and are the ones to evoke dialogue about our moral parameters. Eight festivals, spread all over Europe and in their core dedicated to support emerging performing artists, have joined forces in the project International Young Makers in Action. Our vision is to strengthen and renew the European performing arts sector by creating opportunities for emerging artists. Our passion is to have emerging performing artists reaching all corners of Europe to have an impact on audiences, peers and professionals. With the unique focus on European emerging artists from all performing disciplines, IYMA will organize the following activities:

  • Presentation of at least four international performances by emerging artists per festival, adding up to a total of 60.  
  • 15 contextualization programmes for audiences to embed the work in the local context and to offer possibilities for artists and audiences to meet.
  • 15 in-depth programmes for participating artists to develop their skills, deepen their knowledge, get inspired and broaden their horizon.
  • 15 presenters’ programmes for international professionals to scout work, get acquainted with artists and actively participate in network meetings and showcases.
  • 1 LAB WEEK where ten emerging artists explore artistic ideas and methodologies together through workshops, master classes and meetings.
  • All activities will be followed by a group of bloggers.
  • Alongside the activities an audience research will be done on a European level.

With the unique combination of the international mobility of artists and an increased connectivity with audiences, peers and professionals, IYMA will offer a valuable contribution to the European performing arts landscape.

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