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British Film Institute

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Creative Europe



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19 Dec 2013

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28 Mar 2014

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1 Jul 2014

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British Film Institute


A Bao a Qu (ES);

ActivWatch Romania (RO);

Algarve University (PT);

Austrian Film Museum (AT);

Cinémathèque Francaise (FR);

Creative Scotland (UK);

CYMM Cyprus (EL);

Danish Film Institute (DK);

Irish Film Institute (IE);

Karpos Greece (EL);

Kinodvor (SI);

Meno Avilys (LT);

MPAA Hungary (HU);

Polish Film Institute (PL);

Roma Tre University (IT);

Swedish Film Institute (SE);

Vision Kino (DE);

The Film Education Framework for Europe will aim to establish a common set of approaches and understandings for partners to share and aspire to. It will be particularly useful for countries where film education is currently underdeveloped, giving those countries and relevant organisations not only guidance but also an opportunity to link with other countries and projects.

As part of the project, 18 pan-European partners (including the BFI and Creative Scotland from the UK) will devise a common Framework, across three meetings between September 2014 and June 2015.

  • The first meeting was hosted by Vision Kino in Berlin in October 2014.
  • The second meeting took place in January 2015 at the FAMU Film School in Prague and was organised alongside the Czech Film Archive’s national conference on film education.

Three working groups will also focus on the creative, critical, and cultural dimensions of film education, considering these dimensions in relation to different audience sectors.

The European Framework for Film Education publication is available from the BFI website.

Mark Reid, Head of Education at the BFI, said:

"Since its launch, the Framework has been presented at numerous gatherings of film educators, and been discussed in and shaped to different national contexts. It is being used and cited across Europe, as a policy document, a pedagogic tool, and as a point of convergence. Several of the partners have joined with others in designing new projects that follow the principles of the Framework."

Look at our 2014-15 Results Report for a comprehensive overview of Creative Europe's support to projects that aim to increase audience knowledge of and interest in European audiovisual works.

Read our blog with Mark, who talks about the context and impact of The Film Education Framework for Europe project. 

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