Find a Partner

Creative Europe supports cross-border exchange and cooperation. In order to apply for funding opportunities such as European Networks, Cooperation Projects and European Platforms as part of the Culture sub-programme, you will need to work with partners. The best partnerships develop over time and can be a meeting of shared or contrasting intent and creative practice.

How can you can meet peers and partners to collaborate with?

  • Attend networking events, festivals and conferences with an international or European theme. We often advertise these kinds of events on our News pages.

  • Join a European network. We’ve collated a list of some of the networks out there.

  • Explore our database of funded projects to get inspiration. Look at other organisations who have been involved in collaborative projects - perhaps they might like to collaborate with you next?
  • Add your details to Creative Europe Desk UK's pilot Partner Search Space and browse through other organisations who have uploaded their details and are looking for partners.  Any organisation from a country partcipating in Creative Europe is welcome to add their details. This is a public database and accessible to all users. If you would like to edit your details after uploading them then please get in touch
  • You can also look for partners on databases hosted by other Creative Europe Desks: