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Spotlight on North-South Collaboration

8 Dec 2020, 11:00AM - 12:30PM
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Creative Europe Desk UK - Northern Ireland and Creative Europe Desk Ireland present an event exploring the ties between creative companies across the border in the fields of animation, VR and gaming.

Collaborations between companies North and South are becoming increasingly common, whether it be official co-productions, companies expanding into the other territory or informal alliances. With this event we hope to shine a light on some examples of this work with case studies from companies who have collaborated in this way.

With this event we hope to explore how cross-border collaborations have worked and what the challenges and benefits are of working with our neighbours ‘across the border’. We also hope to explore how these companies are hoping to navigate the changing relationship between the UK, Ireland and the rest of Europe.


Case studies:

Puffin Rock - An animation co-production between Dog Ears (NI) and Cartoon Saloon (IE) with Fionnuala Deane and Gerry Shirren

Jam Media - Setting up business in Belfast and Dublin with Richard Gordon & Mark Cumberton

Ulster Touring Opera - A VR/AR collaboration with Volograms (IE) and Sentireal (NI) with Dafydd Hall Williams