Creative Europe Desk UK Remote Support and 1:1s

27 Mar 2020, 4:45PM - 31 Aug 2020, 4:45PM
UK-wide via email, phone and video conferencing
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Creative Europe Desk UK - Culture and MEDIA

Creative Europe Desk UK understands these are difficult and uncertain times due to the impact of Coronavirus, and we will continue to work with UK organisations to offer support. We will update our Events page with more details on the team's regular availability for 1:1s, upcoming webinars and digital events. 

Please contact us for advice or to arrange a remote meeting or call.

You can also follow us on Twitter (MEDIA and Culture) and sign up to our newsletters for the latest updates.

Our information page on Creative Europe and Coronavirus (COVID-19) offers guidance and links to key resources. 

Best wishes from the Creative Europe Desk UK Team.