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XpoNorth (27-28 June) is Scotland's leading creative industries festival, and the only festival of its kind in Scotland covering crafts, fashion and textiles; writing and publishing; screen and broadcast; and music. 

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Image from set of Peaky Blinders in Yorkshire

Did you know that Creative Europe is not the only EU fund to offer support to the creative and cultural sectors?

Many cultural, creative and audiovisual projects have received support through other European Union programmes ranging from funds that focus on research and innovation through to those dedicated to regional development and employment. 

Supporting Creative Europe’s future in the UK

While UK organisations and companies continue to be eligible to submit applications to Creative Europe for now, the UK’s role in the programme after the EU exit remains uncertain. 

Many political and sector representatives from the UK and other European countries are calling for UK participation in Creative Europe to continue.

The following list highlights some of the campaigns and recommendations being made. 


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