To date (2014 – 2016), Creative Europe has supported 283 UK cultural and creative organisations and audiovisual companies, as well as the cinema distribution of 115 UK films in other European countries, with grants totalling €57 million.  

Through Creative Europe's MEDIA sub-programme, €40 million was invested in the UK's audiovisual sector: 113 UK companies and 55 UK cinemas in the Europa Cinemas network benefitted directly from grants totalling €22 million, and 115 British films had their distribution supported in other European countries with €18 million of investment.

Through Creative Europe's Culture sub-programme, 115 cultural, creative and heritage organisations in the UK benefitted from €15 million.

Through Creative Europe's cross-sector strand, four organisations in the UK benefitted from €1.5 million through the European Creative Hubs network and Refugee Integration Projects.

You can read and download Creative Europe Desk UK's annual report outlining Creative Europe support for the UK’s audiovisual, cultural and creative sectors in 2016:

Please contact us for more detailed information about the UK's involvement in Creative Europe. 


Full details of results are published on the EACEA’s website and there are more details below on the latest UK results from Creative Europe for the Culture and MEDIA sub-programmes. You can also find details about Creative Europe-supported projects involving UK organisations in our Funded Projects database.

Results of the MEDIA Programme funding for the UK audiovisual industry from 2007-2013 can be found in our Publications pages.


Below is a list of links to the EU-wide results of the MEDIA sub-programme in 2016 per scheme:

Funding Opportunity Call Number Deadline Results Published
Development Single Project 18/2015 19 Nov 2015 April 2016
Selective Distribution 13/2015 1 Dec 2015 April 2016
TV Programming 21/2015 3 Dec 2015 April 2016
Film Festivals 16/2015 17 Dec 2015 May 2016
Access to Markets 15/2015 28 Jan 2016 May 2016
Co-Production Funds 11/2015 25 Feb 2016 June 2016
Audience Development 22/2015 3 Mar 2016 June 2016
Development: Slate 19/2015 4 Feb 2016 July 2016
Video Games 20/2015 3 Mar 2016 Aug 2016
Training 06/2016 14 Apr 2016 Sept 2016
Development Single Project 18/2015 21 Apr 2016 Oct 2016
Film Festivals 16/2015 28 Apr 2016 Sept 2016
TV Programming 21/2015 26 May 2016 Oct 2016
Selective Distribution 13/2015 14 Jun 2016 Oct 2016


Cooperation Project Results 2017

In April 2017, results were published for the Cooperation Projects applications submitted in November 2016. Cooperation Projects is the Culture sub-programme’s main funding opportunity.

A full list of successful applicants can be found on the EACEA website.

  • 30 of the 79 successful project applications involve UK organisations as leads or partners – a 30% increase from 2016.
  • As some projects have more than one UK partner, the total number of UK organisations involved in successful project applications is 35.
  • The UK continues to be one of the most partnered countries.
  • 38% of all selected project applications involve UK arts, creative and heritage organisations as partners or lead partners.
  • These UK-based organisations receive a total of €3.2 million of direct grants from Creative Europe to undertake international projects with partners and peers from across Europe and beyond. This is an increase from €2.6 million in 2016.
  • The success rate is higher than average at 22% compared to 14% programme-wide for large Cooperation Projects, with small Cooperation Projects matching the average at 17%. 

Find out more about the successful projects