Culture results

Cooperation Project results 2017

In April 2017, results were published for the Cooperation Projects applications submitted in November 2016. Cooperation Projects is the Culture sub-programme’s main funding opportunity.

A full list of successful applicants can be found on the EACEA website.

  • 30 of the 79 successful project applications involve UK organisations as leads or partners – a 30% increase from 2016.
  • As some projects have more than one UK partner, the total number of UK organisations involved in successful project applications is 35.
  • The UK continues to be one of the most partnered countries.
  • 38% of all selected project applications involve UK arts, creative and heritage organisations as partners or lead partners.
  • These UK-based organisations receive a total of €3.2 million of direct grants from Creative Europe to undertake international projects with partners and peers from across Europe and beyond. This is an increase from €2.6 million in 2016.
  • The success rate is higher than average at 22% compared to 14% programme-wide for large Cooperation Projects, with small Cooperation Projects matching the average at 17%. 

Find out more about the successful Cooperation Projects

European Platforms 2017

13 projects overall were selected in 2017 European Platforms results with one involving a UK lead and 11 UK organisations involved in projects as partners. 

  • Aerowaves is being supported as a Platform for the second time to lead a hub for dance discovery - also called Aerowaves - receiving €500,000 for the first year of the Platform. 
  • The application success rate for UK organisations in 2017 Platforms is 14%, higher than the programme-wide average of 13%.
  • European Platforms promote new and emerging talent though co-development, co-production and programming.  They involve a minimum of 10 members from 10 countries (including five EU member states).
  • Projects cover diverse art forms, such as live music, architecture, poetry, media art, classical music, contemporary dance, pop music, photography, maker and design labs, interdisciplinary sound art, opera and ballet.

Literary Translation 2017

Two UK independent publishing houses are awarded €109,420 to produce, promote and translate slates of literary works from one European language to another. 

  • In the results of the 2017 Literary Translation call, as part of Creative Europe's Culture sub-programme, London-based Oneworld Publications is supported with €54,000 for its project Oneworld Translated Fiction Programme.
  • Fitzcarraldo Editions, which specialises in fiction and long-form essays, is also supported with €55,420 for a project called Bringing ambitious, innovative contemporary European literature into English.

The overall UK application success rate for this funding call is 33.33%, higher than the average of 14.54%.

See a detailed breakdown of who is being funded as part of 2017 Literary Translation projects

Full Culture results 2014-16

From 2014-16, through Creative Europe's Culture sub-programme, 115 cultural, creative and heritage organisations in the UK benefitted from €15 million.

Full details of results are published on the EACEA’s website. You can also find details about Creative Europe-supported projects involving UK organisations in our Funded Projects database.