To date (2014 – 2016), Creative Europe has supported 283 UK cultural and creative organisations and audiovisual companies, as well as the cinema distribution of 115 UK films in other European countries, with grants totalling €57 million.  

Through Creative Europe's MEDIA sub-programme, €40 million was invested in the UK's audiovisual sector: 113 UK companies and 55 UK cinemas in the Europa Cinemas network benefitted directly from grants totalling €22 million, and 115 British films had their distribution supported in other European countries with €18 million of investment.

Through Creative Europe's Culture sub-programme, 115 cultural, creative and heritage organisations in the UK benefitted from €15 million.

Through Creative Europe's cross-sector strand, four organisations in the UK benefitted from €1.5 million through the European Creative Hubs network and Refugee Integration Projects.

You can read and download Creative Europe Desk UK's annual report outlining Creative Europe support for the UK’s audiovisual, cultural and creative sectors in 2016:

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Full details of results are published on the EACEA’s website.

There are more details on the UK's Culture and MEDIA sub-programme results, as well as cross-sector results. You can also find details about Creative Europe-supported projects involving UK organisations in our Funded Projects database.