Skills, Practice and Recruitment of European musicians for tomorrow. Audience Development

Monteverdi Choir and Orchestras

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EACEA 32/2014

Project date

1 Jun 2015 - 31 Dec 2016

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Lead organisation

Gustav Mahler Youth Orchestra, Austria;


Mahler Academy, Italy;

Gezeitenkonzerte chamber music festival, Germany;

Monteverdi Choir and Orchestras, UK

SPREAD project intends to set up a transnational network of 4 main European organizations located in Italy, UK, Austria, Germany, engaged to provide an excellent and extremely diverse form of high musical education and performances to young talented classical musicians, by jointly exposing them to master classes with internationally renowned musicians with different musical backgrounds, to large symphonic orchestra, to chamber orchestra, to chamber music as well as to internships with some of Europe’s finest professional ensembles. The network wants to help them to become the best orchestra musicians of the future. This will happen within 19 months. Main activities will be: auditions for selection of musicians all over Europe; master classes for the selected musicians with opportunity to rehearse and perform as soloists, in chamber music, in chamber orchestra and in symphony orchestra (transnational exhibitions); audience development activities (playing concerts in unexpected locations, engaging on a One to One level with university students, involving them in the process of rehearsing a work of chamber music); communication and dissemination tools and actions (at local, national and European level).

Main target groups will be: young classical musicians up to 27 years old, cultural professionals dealing with classical music, general citizens as the result of the audience development strategies adopted, with a special care for young people not skilled in classical music.

Expected results will be: increased skills and expertise of young classical musicians opening to new professional opportunities; international consolidation of organizations involved in the classical music sector; raised awareness on the creative field that classical music could represent as a common European heritage; increase number of young musicians interested at making the same path of the ones in SPREAD; visibility to new and flexible business models for chamber music and orchestras.

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