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1 Nov 2014 - 31 Oct 2015

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Association Les Tombées de la nuit, France;

Atelier 231, France


Ctyri dny, Czech Republic;

FAI-AR, France;

fundación Municipal de Cultura-Ayuntamiento de Valladolid, Spain;

Københavns Internationale Teater, Denmark;

La Strada - international festival of street art and puppet th, Austria;

Østfold kulturutvikling Scenekunst Østfold, Norway;

Plzen 2015, obecne prospesna spolecnost, Czech Republic;

provincie Limburg (B), Belgium;

Stadt Detmold, Germany;

Stichting Terschellings Oerol festival, Netherlands;

Association Lieux publics Centre national de création des arts de la rue, France;

Association La Paperie, France;

Artopolis Association, Hungary;

Emerging art for emerging spaces
Europe is the location of choice for artists who work for, in or with urban areas. By juxtaposing urban and natural landscapes, creating works involving local communities, using the city to make music, developing trails mixing a sensory approach and NTIC and more, artists looking to work out of the box are developing new art forms and relationships with audiences, creating a new public space within Europe.

Members work in cities and in natural landscapes alongside local citizens and communities, including those that are not regular visitors to conventional cultural venues. They reach 700,000 people every year through public events. After 10 years working together, IN SITU is organising itself into a platform around Lieux Publics (Marseille, France), in order to raise awareness of this sector across Europe. At the beginning, the platform includes 18 members from 13 countries in the European Union. In 3 years, it will include 30 members who together reach 1,000,000 people.

“IN SITU Focus”
Each member will present a “Focus” offering emerging European artists with dedicated communication materials and public and media events. These artists have already been identified, and they make up the IN SITU tribe, a catalogue of 150 European artists that will be enlarged each year by around thirty artists recognised for the quality and originality of their work and their connection with new audiences.

Our communication and brand strategy are designed as a story to be shared with the general public, mixing technological creativity with strong representation at big popular events.

For and with artists
The platform profiles around forty emerging European artists every year and involves them in other actions including: communication via NTIC linked to the artistic content of their creations; seminars between artists and art directors to explore new artforms; and artist contributions to storytelling or “ambassador missions” outside Europe.

Action plan

  • bring together emerging artists from all over Europe who meet the set of criteria defined by the Platform. By joining the “IN SITU tribe”, these artists take on board the values of the IN SITU Platform and are then commissioned as real ambassadors of the IN SITU brand;
  • highlight emerging artists and art forms in public spaces all over Europe. This concerns their visibility inside and outside the platform, in places which are not dedicated to culture, and in countries where they are not used to being showcased;
  • support the mobility of artists and professionals in order to strengthen the intercultural understanding and European nature of each member's programme;
  • reach new audiences and develop long-term relationships with them. Through digital media, new prospects in new European territories, community artistic projects and involving artists in the communication strategy, the IN SITU Platform fosters things that, in its experience, work, and develops new instruments to meet specific needs.


More specifically, the Platform's activities will focus on one main action: the “IN SITU Focus”. This action is the very core of the project as it includes the following:

  • programming emerging and European artists;
  • inclusive and innovative projects;
  • a communication toolkit;
  • a special visibility space for IN SITU;
  • an important part of the branding strategy.

“IN SITU Focus” brings together all of the Platform's efforts to design, produce and present to the public what the “IN SITU experience” really means. Other activities, such as “Emerging space”, “Ambassadors missions” and “Storytelling”, are focused on this one, thereby accentuating the impact of such a strategy on the European public, in order to meet the specific objectives of the Platform project grant.

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