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The Place

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EACEA 32/2014

Project date

2 Jun 2015 - 18 Dec 2017

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The Place


Nederlandse Dansdagen, Netherlands;

Comune di Bassano del Grappa, Italy

The Place will partner with Nederlandse Dansdagen (hereafter referred to as Dutch Dance Festival) and Comune di Bassano del Grappa to develop a programme for choreographers, producers and audiences which stimulates and enables conversation about the creation of new dance work. This project makes a clear proposition: in order for early career artists to develop their artistic voice and entrepreneurial instincts they need the support of a producer and an audience from the very start of the creative process. In order to test this proposition we will develop:

  • The shared practice of early career choreographers together with early career creative producers, inviting them to develop both the artistic and production process together.
  • A strategy for involving audiences in the process of making work, and not just the finished product. Audience development becomes a key way of sharpening the creative process. We aim to develop an articulated cultural entrepreneurship in choreographers and producers which encourages them to consider how partnerships both within the cultural sector and with a public audience outside it can add value to their process, as well as their product. We are proposing a shift in the dance industry for the next generation of makers and audience whereby they go on a creative journey together rather than meeting at the end.

The three project partners are international leaders in supporting emerging artists and so are ideally placed to effect a significant shift in behaviour across Europe. If achieved, this model offers a more sustainable approach to the creation and distribution of new work because it develops audiences, the market and the work simultaneously. The methodology for this project also draws inspiration from the business model ‘Lean Start-up’. Key to this approach is that by testing new ideas early in the process, a business can decide to “pivot” their proposition to best meet the needs of their users.

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