Open Access / Experimenting with performance and transmedia creation

The National Theatre of Wales

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Creative Europe

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EACEA 34/2018

Project date

3 Sep 2018 - 15 Dec 2020

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Lead organisation

Theatre Granit Scene Nationale De Belfort, France


Duplacena - Producao E Realizacao De Festivais, Espectaculos E Audiovisuais, Lda, Portugal

Asociatia Colectiv A, Romania

The National Theatre of Wales, Wales

The cultural sector is confronted with the question of the diversification of its audiences and faced with the transformation of the behavior of its users due to the explosion of technological and digital innovations in our daily life..

Based on a responsible, collective and collaborative logic and in response to these transformations, the Open Access project calls for a redefinition of the mode of operation and strategy of cultural operators by the constitution of a new narrative shared with the people from the upstream of its design.

Transmedia, born from the cultural industries, combined with the disciplines of live performance, provides a tool that is at once aesthetic, interdisciplinary and communicative, allowing the experimentation of this refoundation.

Through a itinerary of four experimentational and prototyping laboratories for artistic projects, the Open Access project offers an exploratory learning context with a multiplicity of actors: artists and institutions from the cultural sector of the field of live performance, mentors, audiences, cultural and creative industries actors, and the research community in the form of associated partners ecosystems. This process will be extended by three showcases of the prototypes in an experimental approach, to test and make use with the audiences of developed live and transmedia projects. By involving students and their research professors (making an online documentation device), as well as mentors, researchers and professionals, the conducted experimentations will be capitalised in the form of good practices tools, notably through a publication and a web-doc / mooc.

Image: The National Theatre of Wales production Tide Whisperer. Credit Jennie Caldwell 

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