Night of Festivals - a celebration of European freedom


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Creative Europe



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EACEA 32/2014

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1 Jun 2015 - 30 Nov 2016

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Haus Drei, Germany;

The Fabric Association, Bulgaria

Building on five years international development of the multi-artform Night of Festivals event, a team of European partners, all working in development of cutting-edge carnival, visual arts and street arts performance, have come together to explore a European artistic response to the values of freedom and democracy in a time of seismic change and uncertainty. The impact of international regime change, people’s revolution, and uncertainties about the future and make-up of European partnership, need focused exploration and response from artists. Engagement of the many diverse communities now living in Europe is central to this creative debate and to the expression of future hopes and aspirations.

FREEDOM is a collaboration initially involving three formal and three key delivery partners from five different countries. Working through a process of co-curation the partners will share innovative artistic practice to create three multi art form ingredients that celebrate and explore values of freedom - a night time carnival performance, a Freedom Wall installation (online and physical) and temporary art installations (The Plinth Programme) - for delivery in the UK, Germany and Bulgaria, all under the cohesive artistic umbrella of the Night of Festivals project. The outcomes include presentations in Leicester and London (UK), Hamburg (Germany), and Gabrovo (Bulgaria), reaching live audiences of 250,000 plus and stimulating engagement from many thousands more through live participation and on line activity. In addition there will be intensive artistic collaboration/exchange involving partners in the UK, Germany, Bulgaria, Romania and Denmark. The project will involve artistic debate around the current state of freedom and democracy and through artistic innovation will raise issues, possibilities, challenges and ideas to encourage new thinking and wide engagement. It will also be fun – a key symbol of the availability in Europe of freedom of speech, thought and action.

"Night of Festivals SPECIAL EDITION brought together European partners from four countries - UK, Germany, Bulgaria and Romania in a unique Creative Europe funded collaboration that led to a sensational Night-Time Lit Carnival, a series of Outdoor Visual Arts Installations and a special participatory Freedom Wall project. The Creative Europe element added an exciting, stimulating and colourful ingredient to a Night of Festivals event that was the cultural centrepiece for the Rugby World Cup  programme in Leicester. The event was enjoyed by audiences of circa 60,000. In 2016 the project will be delivered in Gabrovo (Bulgaria) and Hamburg before a finale presentation in London on 6/7 August." David Hill, Director of ArtReach

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