A Moeda

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Creative Europe



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EACEA 32/2014

Project date

1 Jul 2015 - 31 Oct 2016

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Lead organisation

CADA, Portugal


Broken Dimanche Press, Germany;

FACT (Foundation for Art and Creative Technology), France

A Moeda is a Cooperation Project to produce and release a work of digital art which engages and reflects on the Internet of Things (IoT). It explores the storytelling potential created by the exponential growth and availability of data when internet-linked connectivity is extended to everyday objects.

The narrative: A Moeda (The Coin) is a digital artefact that wants to travel around the world. A semi-autonomous object passed between human hosts, its ‘journey’ – defined by a desire to eventually to return home – is also influenced by a combination of individual biophysical, social and geophysical forces. Hosts are left to wonder how much of its movement is defined by their behaviour or the coin’s ‘free will’. Putting aside utilitarian use, A Moeda investigates human relations to the IoT by shifting the perspective from the human to that of the object. It is our belief that the IoT cultural’s potential is underexplored; that the imagination of creative agents is needed to construct multiple, and even contradictory IoT scenarios – models of the world diverse enough to ensure the IoT returns some value to the social life of individuals and cultures.

A Moeda is a digital storytelling co-creation project between three partners; CADA (PT), BDP(DE) and FACT (UK) that will invite cultural and creative players to create stories for this software system. How would IoT objects tell stories? How would they ‘see’ humans? What language would they ‘speak’? The value of the A Moeda system is that it provides a storytelling mechanism that is open enough to support different ways of recounting a coin’s journey. Through artistic residencies in Berlin and Liverpool aimed at creators of all stripes, the project will develop ‘city-centric’ versions of the software to capture and express the cultural dimension of these European cities. These will to be release as free mobile phone application through launch events in three cities across Europe and wide online dissemination activities.

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