Innovation Network of European Showcases

Liverpool Sound City

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Total project grant (euros)



Creative Europe



Call number

EACEA 45/2016

Project date

14 Jul 2017 - 14 Jul 2021

Number of partners in project


Lead organisation

Get a Gig GmbH, Germany


Comrades GmbH, Austria

Centre de Musiques Amplifiees, Luxembourg

A Oficina Centro de Artes e Mesteres Tradicionais de Guimaraes CIPRL, Portugal

Live At Heart Utveckling Ekonomisk Forening, Sweden

La Mota Ediciones Sociedad Cooperativa Andaluza, Spain

Liverpool Sound City Ltd, UK

Center Urbane Kulture Kino Siska, Slovenia

Go Ahead Spolka z Ograniczona Odpowiedzialnoscia Spolka Komandytowo Akcyjna, Poland

Showcase festivals are national music industry events that provide a platform for artist discovery, business networking and education. They combine live music performances, conference programmes and trade shows. By facilitating music business opportunities, showcase festivals lay the groundwork for the €16.74 billion EU music industry.

However, like the EU music industry at large, these showcase festivals are presently fragmented by national borders. They focus on artists from their specific countries and are attended by local professionals. There is huge untapped potential within and between them.

Innovation Network of European Showcases (INES) is a Cooperation Project that will establish a unique exchange network between European showcase festivals to enable transnational artist discovery, career development and business expansion, while embracing digitisation.

INES consists of five specific action areas:

  • INES#forum: networking between showcase festivals to strengthen relationships and build capacities.
  • INES#talent: artistic talent exchange program to improve transnational mobility.
  • INES#pro: exchange program for music professionals to build international career opportunities.
  • INES#conference: program of conference content on the EU music market and digitisation, to strengthen skills and encourage digital uptake.
  • INES#library: open online knowledge platform with video and resources for ongoing education, impact and reach.

The project partners are eight national showcase festivals from different European countries, as well as one technology partner providing digital infrastructure and know-how. INES aims to expand to include up to 30 EU showcase festivals in its network.

Connecting and enhancing these showcase festivals through cross-border exchange will create a strong and united European music market, with the potential to grow and deliver enormous economic and cultural benefit for artists, professionals and audiences across Europe.

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