ID : Babylon

The Albany 2001 Company

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Funding scheme

Creative Europe

Call number

EACEA 34/2018

Project date

1 Sep 2018 - 31 Aug 2020

Number of partners in project


Lead organisation

Theatre Du Pelican, France


Drustvo Gledalisce Glej, Slovenia

Delleali Associazione Culturale, Italy

Das Letzte Kleinod /Manufraktur Theater, Germany

The Albany 2001 Company, England

Slovensko Narodno Gledalisce Nova Gorica, Slovenia

Adolescence continues to be a crucial challenge for Europe.
It is a period of life during which the most controversial and divergent ideological forces take shape. In the current context, signs of a more radical ideological positioning – the rise of extremism, the threat of religious integrism, etc. – are becoming increasingly common and teenagers are their ideal target.

ID: Babylon will take this context into account and will seek the artistic means to re-establish a dialogue with these youngsters in need of guidance and identity. For this, we want to work towards developing a common language and history upon which to build a new Babel, where all the young people will be able to come together and talk with each other, regardless of their nationality, origin, religion, opinions, and so on.  ID: Babylon will mix hundreds of teens of different backgrounds and social class: primo - i.e. newly-arrived - immigrants, young people of immigrant background, and European youth, also termed ‘native youth’. This project will enable the youngsters to acquire a new transnational identity, a European citizenship which will help them to look beyond the borders of their origin.

The project is planned in four phases. The first will encourage the participants to think about the situation in Europe today, and their personal views towards it, and to confront them with those of their fellow citizens and their peers from other European countries from different national, cultural and ethnical backgrounds. The second will be the active/creative phase which will enable the participants to create a focused artistic reaction on a national level. The third phase will confront six national identities and strive to find a European one, while the fourth phase is about the future of European citizenship. At the same time, by working with teenagers and directly communicating with them with through art, the project strives to develop a new audience within the group that is the most hard to reach.

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