Future Songwriting

Musical Futures Limited

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Creative Europe

Call number

EACEA 34/2018

Project date

1 Oct 2018 - 30 Sep 2020

Number of partners in project


Lead organisation

Saveltajain Tekijanoikeustoimisto Teosto Ry, Finland


Universitaet Zu Koeln, Germany

Ste Des Auteurs Compositeurs Et Editeurs De Musique Sacem, France

Taideyliopisto, Finland

Artisjus Magyar Szerzoi Jogvedo Iroda Egyesulet, Hungary

Musical Futures Limited, England

Universidad Pompeu Fabra, Spain

The Future Songwriting project creates opportunities for more versatile music education in diverse learning environments. The project emphasizes creative self-expression, collaborative working methods, and active cultural participation by enabling technology-supported creative processes for children and young people of all ages.

The core of the Future Songwriting project is in the implementation and examination of the INTO concept, which draws on the recently introduced national core curricula for basic education and early childhood education and care in Finland where utilization of technology, creativity and active participation are pivotal parts of all transversal competences.The INTO Future Songwriting concept brings the greatly needed expertise in contemporary music technology to schools, thus narrowing the gap between the arts, technology, and other subjects. The concept enables teachers to develop new, experiential and interactive learning environments and to strengthen the role and status of creative production in music education.

The long-term goal of Future Songwriting is to embed the new approach to music making and learning so that it becomes a natural part of the working culture in European schools.The project will be implemented by a consortium coordinated by Teosto, with SACEM, University of the Arts Helsinki, University of Cologne, Pompeu Fabra University, Artisjus and Musical Futures as partners.
The main programme objectives linked to the project are new models for training and education in music; an increase of in-depth understanding of the processes of digitalization; and new business models in the field of creative industries. 

The main outcomes of the project will be the scalable INTO Future Songwriting concept and tutorials; a best practices guide book for music teachers to be used as a tool in educational collaborations; as well as academic publications based on the research conducted in the project.

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