THE FILM CORNER New On and Off Activities for Film Literacy

The Film Space

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Creative Europe



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Audience Development

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30 Nov 2015

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3 Mar 2016

Result publication date

6 Jun 2016

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Fondazione Cineteca Italiana (IT)


Jugoslovenska Kinoteka (RS);

The Film Space (UK);

The Nerve Centre (UK)

Università degli studi di Milano – Bicocca (IT)

The Film Corner. Online and offline activities for Film Literacy  project aims to design, release and test an online platform for film education, exploiting the opportunities available through web 2.0 and thus developing innovative crossmedia approaches to teaching appropriate to the digital era in order to raise the levels of film literacy of young audiences across the European Union.

The project involves five European institutions in four EU countries: Fondazione Cineteca Italiana (Milan, Italy) as coordinator; The Film Space (London, UK); The Nerve Centre (Derry, Northern Ireland); Jugoslovenska Kinoteka, the National Cinèmatheque of Serbia (Serbia, Belgrade); University of Milano Bicocca-Dipartimento di Scienze Umane per la Formazione Riccardo Massa (Milan, Italy). The platform includes interactive didactical resources with which the users can engage and thus develop their film literacy skills. The pedagogical resources will focus on film education skills explored through a number of EU national and non-national films.         

The Film Corner platform consists of an interactive narrative-based environmental layout with game-based didactical resources integrated as apps the user can interact with. Didactical resources will be both based on generic Film Literacy skills and on a set of EU national and non-national films. The platform is to be developed in at least four EU languages including English, French, Italian and Serbian.

In November 2017, an international conference took place in the frame of the 10th edition of “Piccolo Grande Cinema” Festival, a film festival dedicated to young audiences promoted by Fondazione Cineteca Italiana.  The platform blueprint was officially presented alongside panel discussions on Film Literacy, cross-media and Audience Development.

John Peto, Director of Education at The Nerve Centre, said:

"The innovation and learning resulting from this project would not have been possible without the European partnerships that Creative Europe fosters. The legacy of this project will not just be felt through the embedding of the web platform in schools across Nothern Ireland, but in our capacity and vision to deliver high quality, innovative work into the future."

Read more about The Impact of Creative Europe in the UK in this in-depth evaluation report, highlighting the extent of Creative Europe's support beyond the monetary grant funding.

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