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Northern Ireland


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Creative Europe



Call number

EACEA 32/2014

Project date

1 Jun 2015 - 31 Dec 2018

Number of partners in project


Lead organisation

Teatro Stabile delle Arti Medioevali- Società Cooperativa, Italy


Aviso Legal - La Fura dels Baus, Spain;

Foundation for the Promotion of Social Inclusion, Malta;

Oslo National Academy of the Arts, Norway;

Forteresse, Belgium;

L’Associazione La Gramigna, Italy;

Prime Cut Productions, UK;

Montenegrin Royal Theater Zetski dom, Montenegro

THE COLLECTIVE PLAYS! aims to promote the creation of plays that are the result of a collaboration of playwrights of different nationalities. Playwrights meet and cooperate to create a narrative structure which is organic but at the same time incorporates different perspectives, styles, languages and idioms. In each playwrights' collective, the assembling of the final draft of the play is normally entrusted to one playwright who must never try to homologate the different styles but, on the contrary, must try to highlight their contrasts by creating a narrative structure which resembles a cubist painting. The result of each artistic process in a playwriting collective is the creation of an inclusive, polyphonic play. The European Showcase of Collective Plays also aims at promoting the production of polyvocal plays through the creation of transnational theatre groups. Because of their inclusive, polyphonic, dimension (mix of pop and cultured elements narrated by different languages and idioms), the plays created within the European Showcase of Collective Plays have a complexity which entails the creation of transnational theatre companies for their staging. Priorities of the European Showcase of Collective Plays include:

  • promoting international cooperation between playwrights and theatre organizations of different nationalities in the creation and staging of collective plays in order to internationalize and/or strengthen their international reputation, careers and activities at a European and global level;
  • testing an enlargement of theatre audiences by the diffusion of narratives characterized by “internal dialogism”;
  • stimulating the interest of audiences in European creative works by enlarging the idea of European citizenship through polyphonic plays;
  • testing new forms of manageable transnational theatre groups and productions;
  • staging showcase of Collective Plays within an important European Festivals.

Visit the EU Collective Plays website

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