Audience Segmentation System in European Theatres

The Audience Agency

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Funding scheme

Creative Europe

Call number

EACEA 34/2018

Project date

1 Oct 2018 - 28 Feb 2021

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Lead organisation

Akademie Muzickych Umeni V Praze, Czech Republic


Ig Kultur Osterreich - Interessensg Emeinschaft Der Freien Kulturarbeit Verein, Austria

Fondatsiya Art Prodzhekts, Bulgaria

Metropolia Ammattikorkeakoulu Oy, Finland

The Audience Agency, England

Narodno Sveuciliste Dubrava, Croatia

Institut Umeni - Divadelni Ustav, Czech Republic

Audience Segmentation System in European Theatres (ASSET)

The main goal of ASSET is to develop, test and provide theatres/performing arts organizations across Europe with the tool and skills to learn about their audiences and utilize the findings to diversify and deepen the relationship with their audiences and creating their artistic program and marketing using the European Theatre Night and similar audience development events as a focal point.

Specific aims:
• to train theatres and cultural organizations across Europe in audience segmentationmethodology
• to collect and evaluate data in selected European cities and compare it
• to implement the audience segmentation results in theatre programming, production and communication in order to augment target groups and reach new audience groups
• to provide international opportunities for networking among theatres in partnering countries involved in the European Theatre Night network and similar events
• to disseminate outputs from the project in university curricula and through audience development networks and implement them in public policies

Audience segmentation is a process of dividing people into homogeneous subgroups based upon defined criterion such as product usage, demographics, psychographics, communication behaviours and media use. European Theatre Night is a one-day event held in 8-12 European countries (Croatia, Slovakia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Slovenia, Serbia, Austria, Hungaryngary, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Spain, Germany) every year. Theatre that day becomes the main point of meetings, dialogue, socializing and new insights of artists, theatre professionals and their audiences.

ASSET: Project results
• 50–75 trained data collection managers
• 6,500 responses from the audience
• a conference and a symposium
• 5 case studies
• ASSET prototype and methodology website
• Dissemination outreach among 796 organizations and 438 500 viewers
• Engaged theatre communities from 14 countries 

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