Welcome to Creative Europe in the UK

As of January 2014, the European Union's MEDIA and Culture
programmes have been brought together to form Creative Europe.

Creative Europe builds on the experience and success of the previous
Culture and MEDIA programmes, supporting European projects with
the potential to travel and find audiences beyond their national borders.

The new programme includes a Culture sub-programme
providing funding for the cultural and creative sectors, and a
MEDIA sub-programme which will invest in the cinema and audiovisual sector.

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All Calls for Proposals for the new programme are now online

MEDIA sub-programme > Open air screenings at the Festival del film Locarno. The MEDIA sub-programme supports the European film and audiovisual industries in the development, distribution and promotion of their work, while also encouraging skills development and nurturing new technologies. It enables works to find markets beyond national and European borders, and helps professionals build productive international networks.
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Culture sub-programme > HARTMANN GRID by Leonardo Meigas, a Lux Scientia commission for LUMIERE 2011,
produced by Artichoke in Durham. Photo Matthew Andrews.
The Culture sub-programme offers funding for cooperation projects, literary translations, networks and platforms in the performing and visual arts, literature, heritage and other areas. It helps cultural and creative organisations to operate transnationally, promoting the cross-border circulation of their works and mobility of cultural players.
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